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Am Bahngleis

Am Bahngleis


Basic Terms and Conditions

Basic Terms and Conditions

The contents (pictures, layouts etc.) of this website (Richard Kienberger) are protected by international copyright laws � you may find more details hereunder - and must not be used for any private or commercial purpose without written permission. The pictures and/or data must not be downloaded, copied or changed in any form.

The holder of the copyright is the listed author of the photographs. By request you can obtain permission for a single use of a picture. Generally use will be permitted for newspapers, magazines and similiar media (e.g. publications in the field of Corporate Publishing).
Use of any picture for advertising etc. should not be a problem - but must be discussed in advance and confirmed by a written agreement.

If there are no other (written) agreements the royalties you must pay for use of any photograph follow the recommendations annually listed by the German Mittelstandsvereinigung Foto-Marketing

In order to download the high res-pictures and see the price list you must obtain a username and password. Sorry for any inconvenience caused but all new clients will have to do this via telefax and confirm the order with their signature (please use our order form Faxanforderung_engl.pdf..)

Post Scriptum: The webbased archive of foto.text can only show a small window of the total stock. If you can�t find the required shot in the website please do not hesitate to contact us. We�ll try our best.

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